Rotors Over Mentone 2022

B47HA Sanctioned Event. SEPTEMBER 10
Once again and on behalf of the Bell Aircraft Museum, I want to ask if you could make an announcement to the B47HA community about our upcoming “Rotors Over Mentone” event. It will take place on Saturday, Sep 10th at the Lawrence D. Bell Aircraft Museum in Mentone, IN. This will be the Museum’s 13th consecutive year at hosting this event. Details can be found at:
Special update: our B47HA Trustee and RC guru Jeff Jankovics from North Carolina will be attending.
The guest speaker for this year’s “Rotors Over Mentone” Fly-In event will be announcer and pilot Flyin’ Brian Walsh from Oldies 101.1 FM, a local radio station in Warsaw, IN. Brian plans to bring the station’s recently acquired helicopter, a Bell 47J Ranger named Lucy to the event. Brian will talk about this Bell 47 aircraft and how it got the name Lucy.
WIOE’S Bell 47 J Ranger, Lucy. Out And About – YouTube
John Walker and his American Huey 369 crew from Peru, IN will again be joining us for membership rides. Cleveland Helicopter Service will also be on hand offering rides in either their Robinson R44 or Enstrom 280FX.
If weather is good, it would be great to a have another Bell 47 or two from northern Illinois, Indiana, or the southwest Michigan region. A visit by a Bell 206 or Bell 407 would be nice as well. Our last Bell 47 visit was from Mike Mazar from Flushing, MI.
Appreciate your support in getting the word out!
Regards, B47HA member LIAISON Jahn Luke